Been alone for so long time

by Eva

I have been alone since GOD come to my home and talked to me and changed my life.

It was in year 2000 GOD come to my home and talked about my future what I should do for HIM.

But the changing made me be alone also and no man wanted to be with me anymore.

Male Pastors have not thois problem as we female Pastors have that they stay single for a long time.

Why is it so that no one want a female Pastor ?

I thought it was the opposite that a single male Pastor wanted a woman on the same level as him when it comes to the spirit but it seems more that single male Pastors choose like they should do if they was in the world.

How can I meet a leader for a church to be his helpmate ?

I don't want to date and have sex before marriage anymore but still even if they say they believe in Jesus Christ do all the single Pastors I have met wanting sex very quick.

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take heart
by: Anonymous

you sound like you feel down. The Bible makes it clear that God condones marriage but it should be to the right person and a rush can cause a believer to be stuck in something dreadful which i have heard of before. When Sarah tried to induce the promise of God it resulted in a whole nation suffering and till this day they live in wars and the work of God did not fail but Hagar lost her job and the child was sent away and every mans hand was against his but there came a time when Sarah became pregnant with that promised child and so may you find that husband.

if you are concerned about fornication then the issue of lust may need addressing before a husband is taken on but only God knows this for sure. You dont want someone who will distract you from the work of God. Esther was an orphan and married a king so a pastor may or may not find someone on the same level.

fasting and prayer may help so seek the Lord for it may not be time but maybe some may not approach someone who is a bit too elegant and in a position of power out of respect and some may feel intimidated. God may want to work through some issues. when Christ is enough that may be when the believer is a bit more ready for marriage but God knows what He has planned for you and He loves you for eternity. The craving for the husband may make it harder to hear Him. Focusing on God and seeking His kingdom is the best start, know that good things will be added to us.. God bless you and hope you find the right person, thats if they are not hoping you will notice them in all their shyness ;-) Be encouraged.

Got a kick start
by: Eva

2016 started great as I got money from a sponsor to travel for the third time in 5 years to Israel.

But even if I am happy for the sponsoring I am still alone and will travel to Israel once again on my own.

I don't like to travel in groups as I want to visit things that are in my own interest and for my personal spirit education but having a partner with me would have been perfect.

This time I am going to be in the old part of Israel and it's many small paths to street there is so I can easily be in danger but as so many times travelling alone do I have to trust GOD to keep me safe. I can't let the separation of any partner be a victory for the devil. I need to live my life as darkness never will find me. Amen

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