Burned out at the age of 31. Advice?

I have been pastoring three small rural churches for nearly two years and I work a full time job. Four months ago, I became ill and was having several health issues. There were days when it seemed impossible to get out of bed. Since this time, we've had numerous deaths in our membership, issues between church members, the congregations have became very needy and constantly are calling for every little thing and my girlfriend left me during this time. Even though my health is improving, I find myself becoming very isolated by choice and not having the desire that I once had in ministry. I've prayed and really tried seeking God through all this and it seems at this moment I feel like I'm losing hope. I fake a smile and say I'm doing good and try not to display any depressed feelings, yet I feel like I'm just dying inside.

I really don't want to make an impulsive decision of leaving the ministry at this time but I just feel like I can't continue. Any advice would be appreciated!

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Reply to some advice
by: Anonymous

Thank-you for your word of encouragement. The past few months the Lord has really touched my life. I'm continuing with ministry, and I have more a desire more then ever to do the will of the Lord.

Some Advice
by: Anonymous

Hi, some things you used to do were edifying you, building you up, but as a Pastor you have to do a lot of things that you don't have gifting for and they don't build you up. If you can identify what you enjoy (enjoy means "in God") doing and do more of that and identify what you don't enjoy doing and find someone in the church who does enjoy doing it then you will get your passion back. Christ builds His Church not us and uses all of his Body to build itself up, not just the Pastors. Take His yoke on you dear brother, it is easy and light and you will find rest for your soul. I pray this helps.

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