Christians and Pornography

When it comes to Christians and pornography it would be much easier to simply look the other way. After all, what people do in their own homes is their own business.

Unfortunately, Jesus didn’t see it that way. He said, "Anyone who looks at a woman with lust in his eye, he has already committed adultery with her in his heart" (Matthew 5:28). So we can’t ignore the subject of Christians and pornography.

I talked elsewhere about overcoming pornography. One of the keys I suggested was using filtering and accountability software on your computer. Whether you or someone you know has the problem, the best place to start is restricting access to the inappropriate material.

There are a number of filtering products out there. As you assess them, I suggest you keep the following in mind.

  • The software should be easy to use.
  • The software should allow you to add a list of sites that you find objectionable. Software isn’t perfect. Sometimes you need to add a few sites to the blocked list.
  • You should be able to review the activity of people using the computer.
  • The software should allow you to review instant messaging texts.
  • You should be able to customize the software for each user.

With these things in mind, I strongly recommend Net Nanny


Features of Net Nanny

  • Easy to install
  • Blocks pornography and other objectionable sites
  • Protects children
  • Alerts for potential predators
  • See reports of your children’s internet activity
  • See logs of your children’s instant messages
  • Password protected access for parents or accountability partners.
  • Software updates automatically
  • Unlimited toll-free technical support

When it comes to Christians and pornography or pastors and pornography,

it is vital that precautions be taken. The first line of defense is to restrict what a person’s computer can show. In my opinion, Net Nanny is the best pornography filter for the money.

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