Devastation, disillusioned, revived but how long?

My husband and I have been in the ministry for the past 13 years, with me having begun serving full time 10 years more than he did. I have in the past fought against depression and fatigue - both mental and physical and have overcame each episode with God's grace and love upholding me. The thought of being in the arms of God has been a constant source of encouragement. However, two months ago I found out that my husband had sex with one of our young people.. whom i have been helping in the past 7 years both spiritually and financially. I often times told the people that she was my eldest daughter (I have two kids -both boys aged 11 and 9). The devastation was so great I felt something in me died. Evidently, she seduced him day by day without me knowing. Since my youngest son was having difficulties in the school he was attending, I had to bring him to the city and enrolled him in my home church academy. This caused my husband and I to be separated, him and my elder son stayed in the rural area where he pastors a small church, while my younger son and I stayed in the city from Monday to Friday. It was during these times that he fell into sin - he said he was remorseful and felt like hell. I accidentally discovered what happened between them by opening his Facebook... I did what I thought I should do with much prayers and forgave him and her. However, leaving the church is not an option right now since this will destroy the faith of many of our members who are yet very young in their faith and cause the unbelievers around to mock the ministry and the brethren. My husband disciplined himself for a month and had other speakers come to the church to speak. We planned for him to go on a sabbatical leave next year, but my problem began when the young girl started to send him messages in his messenger. Though I know he has avoided her, she still attends the church. Seeing her every time is beginning to get on my nerves. She was born and is a native of the place hence it will cause a stir if she leaves, especially since she was one of the most active yps we have.

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