Do I expose my Pastor?

by John
(New York City)

Ok, So i'm going to be as fast and as blunt as possible.

For the past year, I've worked as a part-time associate Pastor for a very very old traditional church. The Pastor is 71 years old and has been Pastor over this 200 member congregation for over 30 years. The reason I was recruited is because the Deacon Board wanted "fresh Ideas".

After a year, I've learned the Pastor,is legalistic, controls the members with an "iron fist doctrine" and essentially does whatever he wants financially. The church has a book store and he refuses to disclose the earnings to me. Then I realized that everyone else on the Deacon Board are afraid to press him further for financial disclosure.

There are so many religious rules, such as "You Must" attend all church activities or face expulsion.

His respect is beyond what is normal. He is feared, feared because when past members have questioned his abuse of power, he has bullied them out of the Church.

There is a Bishop that oversee's the Church and he has no idea what has been going on, because people are afraid to talk. I'm ready to tell the Bishop about all that has been going on, for years and years before I got there.

I'm not sure, but I think God sent me to this Church to expose all this nonsense. I realize that if I decide to expose this man, I will be shunned by many and will more than likely have to leave this church. I'm willing to live with that.

But another Deacon told me, it is not my job to expose him to the Bishop, that God will deal with him at his own time. Even sighted the scripture "Touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm".

So will I be wrong for exposing him to the Bishop?

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Expose your bishop.
by: Anonymous

It is easy to just bash your bishop. Maybe you need to expose your bishop before you start bashing.

Expose him
by: pastor Tari

Expose him, you are an accomplice if you keep silent, Peter was rebuked by Paul

please dont but find a better way
by: Anonymous

Ministry has lot of hurts and pains and if these are unprocessed or not dealt with they can change the personality of the person.

Secondly you are still new in this field and you need his mentorship to carry the mantle to the next generation.

Lastly please remember that he had been with the church for the past 30 and you don't know what made him to be like that.

Though you are young and energetic, you still need to acquire more experiential wisdom, knowledge and understanding to lead the house of the Lord.

Try this: Love him, yes love him...encourage the church to take care of him and especially to also take him on vacations...this will somehow soften his heart and break the past hurts of ministry.

Do not expose...unless
by: Anonymous

Are you willing to be exposed for your sins. If so then do it! I have been where you are and I have left the church when it comes to your situation. I leave quietly. We will reap what we sow. Now, if the pastor is involved in sexual sin that is different and I will tell you why. Your opinion of what "legalism" is, is relative. Everyone has their own idea about what is an "iron fist". I have not seen or heard your pastor so he might have a backbone and not willing to compromise. You might be having jealous emotions. I am not there to see your pastors side of the story. I only hear yours. If you don't agree with the operation of that church and don't have book chapter and verse to back you up then just leave.

its not an issue of expose or no expose
by: Stanley O'John

The way you narated the matter it shows his actions are not secrets except that the Bishop to your knowledge is not aware. If there are informations you need about the church ask the pastor if he refuses then let the Bishop know with facts not stories you heard without proof and do it from the view that the Bishop can settle the issues btw the board and pastor but make sure you are not hired or being used to hack down the old preacher. Yes he may have weaknesses that is what people will first point out but check for his strength then you can help correct his weaknesses...I am a young pastor too.

Yes. Expose. But be prepared.
by: Anonymous

You have an obligation to expose. But you must pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit and be prepared for retaliation and backlash. There will always be those who will strike out at you for exposing the pastor because they feel that any pastor is and should be untouchable.

by: Paul

Absolutely you should let your bishop know. That scripture the deacon quoted was completely out of context for your situation. Can you imagine how much more harm this pastor (if what you are stating is true) will be allowed to do? That deacon essentially would have let Adolf Hitler get away with murder because "God will deal with it"... eventually God will deal with it but in the mean time it is your duty to speak for those that have no voice. It will certainly be difficult but very necessary.

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