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I am struggling to understand the Emerging Church. People in my church seem to know more than I do. I would appreciate any and all opinions and information to help me understand this movement.

Thank you in advance.

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emerging church and the ignorance of what it is
by: Anonymous

So many churches are saying that they are not an emerging church. If they separate themselves from the "emerging church" then they are ok. There are so many movements that are false teaching coming out of the "emerging church" other than Brian McLaren. Dominionism, Ecumentalism,seeker friendly(trying to be relevant) are all part of the mess of this so called movement. Be careful with churches who just excuse themselves of Brian McLaren..there is much out there to be understood..Stand on God's Word and teach your members inductive method of studying the bible themselves so they are not seduced by Man's words..that is where the danger is..please read and understand the false unity of ecumentalism..there is no unity without doctine..and if you don't teach your members to know God's Word for themselves, they will not be able to be discerning..there is much coming from within today's churches that is spoken of in the bible..stand up Pastors..stand up for God's Word and forget the foolishness of being relevant!! The Holy Spirit is who does the work!

by: Anonymous

I think the works of Brian McLaren might be the best tool for understanding the emerging church, but the good new is this: the emerging church does not have one way of doing things or one leadership style. Perhaps if you have church members who are interested in the emerging church you could ask them to begin one ministry in your area and see how it plays out. You could learn from them, and enncourage them too.

an offer
by: Anonymous

I would offer this: read some of the works of Brian McLaren, he's about the clearest author i have read on what drives "the emerging church."

Thoughts on the Emerging Church
by: Amos

Many people now claim to be "spiritual but not religious". The Emerging Church is one of the old/new ways connecting this community with opportunities to reach toward God (worship) and toward others (neighbors). Yes, this is the Great Commandment. It is often self-starting rather than being dependent on an outreach initiative from an established congregation.

The Emerging Church has no one easily identified worship style or shared set of practices. There is usually no denominational loyalty and the idea of "joining as a member" is counter intuitive. The old Nike motto "just do it" comes as close to a unifying theme as an other.

This means worship and ministry activities will be organic, springing from the people and their context. Candles and icons might touch some souls with a Taize bent. Others might be much more comfortable with deep conversation and a little study around a pub table at the corner gin joint. Still, others might find their connection by coming together to operate a food pantry or after school program, responding to a need that is otherwise not met.

There will be many answers to "What does Emerging Worship Look Like?" Each honest answer will be a function of the people involved and their commitment to explore and live out the Gospel in ways that are authentic to their situation.

Yes, this is likely to drive those of us who are "old school" somewhat crazy, but it is one of the wonderful expressions of the Gospel at work in today's world.

I'm No Expert
by: Anonymous

I'm not an expert on the Emerging Church. But a related but distinct movement is called the Missional Church. A good place to start in understanding this movement is, Missional Church, by Darrell Guder and, The Essence of the Church, by Craig Van Gelder.

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