Graduation Sermons

Every May and June, pastors and other people are in need of graduation sermons. I am in the process of adding more sermons for graduation. For now, though, this is what I have.

Sermon Title: Up Is Down; Down Is Up

Sermon Text: James 1:9-11, 27

Context: The book of James was written by the half brother of Jesus. In the letter, James teaches the Christians who are scattered around the known world. His main thought seems to be that we are to live godly, faith-driven lives in the midst of hardship.

Theme: Wealth fails in the end so our lives must be channeled toward things that are more important, like caring for the most vulnerable among us.

  1. Wealth Won’t Protect You from Death – In the End You Are the Same as the Poor (vs. 9-11)

  2. The poor are actually in a lofty position because in the Kingdom, the first will be last and the last will be first: up is down; down is up. But the rich who work so hard to obtain and keep their wealth need to be careful that they don’t put their trust in that wealth. Because, in the end, death takes both the rich and the poor.

  3. True Religion Uses its Resources to Care for the Most Vulnerable (vs. 27)

    Instead of hording and trusting in wealth, we are called, as Christians, to show our faith by caring for those society doesn’t want to. In James’ time, the most vulnerable people in society were those who didn’t have husbands and/or fathers. They were often left homeless. Proverbs 10:15 shows that wealth can generate more wealth. But the poor are left to fight for themselves. Who are the most vulnerable in our society? The poor, the homeless, the unborn, among others.

Graduation is followed shortly by Father’s Day. So in addition to these graduation sermons you might want to take a look at these Father’s Day sermons.

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