I was a pastor of a church about twenty years ago,like all pastors we get consummed in our duties. I work a public job, which had me working many hours. I took the church my dad had a few years before. The congregation had fallen down to about six to eight people, it was a small country church. My wife and I worked hard in building back this church, it wasn't long we had around one hundred and twenty. And the thing God was graceful and many came to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

I was a pastor burning with fire and people came to watch me burn with passion I had for the gospel. But the one thing I didn't know I
worked so much, I didn't take time to pray and read and renew myself, I had ignored my family, my whole life was in the building of the church. God never intended it to be like that.

As the church grew, the older people became afraid they where going to be left out, and excuse me what I am saying, all hell broke out. The people that said they loved, now became my worst nightmare, and I was not prepared for all that was going to happen. They called a meeting some told me how no good I was, these are the same people two weeks before telling me how much they loved me.

I haven't got time to tell the whole story, but I walked out of church that day a broken man, my whole life had just been swept away from me. My dear wife was hit hard, but she was the rock that held me up. I didn't go to church for about four years, during that time I was judged hard by many others, but thats ok now, I hold nothing against anyone.

During a period of time, if I could explain it I thought I was going insane, many times I thought about killing myself, I even put a gun in my hand one time. It is only by the grace of God I am still standing.

God healed me little by little, he even put all the people who come against me in my path so I could tell them I forgive them. Forgiveness is a powerful force.

I am now pastoring again, but with a lot more wisdom. Its taken me a long time to build my trust in people, but I am around people that have helped heal me. My calling is being a pastor, that is something man cannot take away. I love doing what I am doing. To all that are going through a tough time, don't give up, God will heal you and take you places you never dreamed of. I am not only a pastor but I am a missionary to Haiti, all I can say people are not you enemy, Satan is, and he hates God's messengers. With all the love of Chirst.

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