How do I cope with the pain and sadness?

by Jesse
(New Zealand)

I dont know how to cope. So much pain and sorrow around me. Unforgiveness is rampant. Pain from peoples past. People wanting to destroy Our ministry.There is no one to talk to. Why? In Jesus name we are supposed to all be in this together. But still you feel drawn to stick it out and suffer.. But for what? Why cant I just leave it all behind? Is this what Jesus wanted for us as ministers of the Gospel? Is this the constant persecution he talks about "for his name sake"??? It is heartbreaking, and i want it all to stop. I cant take anymore..

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Feeling for you
by: Anonymous

Jesse from reading you message it seems you may also be taking on pain that others are experiencing and its really taking its toll. The burden is not yours it is Christs. Let Jesus carry the burden. Encourage people to lay it down at the foot of the cross. Sometimes what happens is a bit like a rubbish truck, people come and dump their rubbish and emotions on us as ministers and then act like we are the ones with the issues. Crazy!!

Give it over to him, you can't possibly carry all of this and its not your job to. I am also saddened to hear that others are attempting to pull down your ministry. I encourage you to seek out godly people to confide in and pray for you guys. You don't have to do this alone.

Praying for you and your ministry that the Lord will lift your burden and give you the wisdom and direction you need to deal with this situation. God bless you

Words of encouragement
by: Psalm

I am sorry that you are burned out and that sadness has hit you feel the pain of others. It is a hurting world and people don't know how to treat each other and therefore, end up hurting each other.
The only way that I have dealt with suffering and pain inflicted upon others or myself is to give sermons on forgiveness and reconciliation. If necessary have people share stories of when they have forgiven someone and when someone has forgiven them. We are a wounded people and all are in need of a healer. Jesus is the one who heals and there is power in His name. People hurt others because they are hurting and don't know how to treat others because they themselves were treated poorly.
May God's grace be upon your ministry and please be assured of my prayers for you.
Peace dear brother,

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