Hurting, Broke and Tired!

by John

My wife and I were not raised in "Christian" families. God supernaturaly called us a couple years after we were married in 1975. A few years after we got saved, God began dealing with me to evangelize. We went to several churches until we settled in on a small independent full gospel church. We eventually left our jobs to go and travel as evangelists full time. After about 20 years of this we were voted in to pastor a church. Been there now 15 years. Have had three splits. Lived on very very limited income! Prayed constantly for God's help. We went through Very hard places!! I went to college to become a corrections officer. During this time I got hurt physically. I am now paying back a federal student loan. I can't get food stamps. I hurt my back a few years ago and can't work and was denied disability. My wife is diabetic. We are three months behind on our health insurance and need $500 to get caught up. I told our congregation and two families brought us boxes of both canned goods and frozen meats. I had to throw out ALL of it! The cans expired two years ago and the frozen meat was old and freezer burnt! My wife and I have been burnt out three times in ministry! We just had a bad argument tonight. I don't know what to do. I am angry at God! I almost hate church folks! We need real miracles not a sermon! I was outside tonight in the dark looking at the stars and I said God, are you real? Does ANYBODY hear and obey you anymore? Does anyone even care??! I am laying in our back bedroom. Alone. My wife doesn't want me in our room tonight. We have gone through what little savings we had to pay bills. Please please someone pray for us!

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