I am leaving My pastor Husband

by Racheal

After 4 years of waiting for my husband to find time for me and my daughter I have had enough and I am leaving. I own the house we live in I earn almost 6 times what he earns I pay the house keeper and babysitter and have never complained. All I asked for was a bit of his time but apparently I am not worth it. He has a full time job so the church does not pay him he is more or less like a volunteer but he is obsessed with every thing in church, the young girls that keep praising him the older ladies and men that call him man of God. I was bed ridden for a week and he wasn't bothered but he can leave at midnight to check on sick church members. I can not spend another day like this.

His favorite way to put me down is by saying I need to respect him as a MAN. But since I can never match up to the church ladies then it makes no point trying.

Because I have handled a lot of the financial needs at home, my husband has now become the super tither in church........he is the rich man......... so more praises, more admiration. I thought lifting some of his financial burdens would give him a chance to advance himself, maybe with more education of some investment but alas it has turned him into the church super star ready to help whoever is in need, yet reminding him about the child's diapers can easily enlist a quarrel.

Any way I wished him luck told him I want out and we are basically living in the same house without talking. He can move out if he wants or we can stay like that forever. All I know is I am no longer his wife, no longer desire to be his wife, will no longer support or assist him financially will no longer expect or seek his help and finally he can go and marry his church and leave us in peace.

For once in a very long time I feel free, happy and trust me I am now going to excel and be the woman God wanted me to be. There is a reason God blessed me so I am going to leverage my talents and abilities and reach higher grouds for me and my kids..............without him

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