I wish this site was around when we were in the thick of it

Being in the ministry has it's ups and downs. I only wish that there were more conferences geared towards the ministers family where they could retreat, and refresh, so that they can be more effective in GOD's Kingdom. My husband and I really didn't get a break for almost 22 years.

We were long overdue, and I started getting ill. We are no longer in full-time ministry, but he preaches 1 Sunday out of the month at a small church.

I believe our Christian Schools or schools of ministry should consider adding a 4 year mandatory course on Ministry and how it affects the family. How to have it written in their contract that they are to receive regular time off.

Being well rested can not only help the family, but the church family as well. It would be great if the Church would pay for a housekeeper, and assistant, health club membership, someone to help out with the children etc for the minister. Having someone you can trust in your home to help. Maybe an older couple you can trust, not a young woman, because that may be a conflict of interest or could be a set up for an affair between the minister and a young assistant which could end up being a disaster.

We really have to love and take care of our leaders better. We have to protect them, their wives, and their children.

Leadership is under attack on all levels, and to those who still Love The Lord, and want to do HIS will, please look for ways to support your leaders through prayer, and through action. Pray not only for your leaders, but offer strong prayer for their wives, and families.

I'm so happy that this site exists. When I was coming along in the ministry with my husband, I had nothing like this to turn to. I called my parents an awful lot in tears. If it were not for them I would have had several nervous breakdowns.

I isolated myself, kept a tight watch over my children. Wouldn't let them play with many of the church members children. I was like a mother lion/bear all wrapped up into one. They could not like me, but I wasn't going to let them hurt my children.

Pray for us as I suffer with severe depression, and I am on the verge of leaving my husband of 32 years. The ministry has had it's ups, but it has also left us in debt, with me being depressed my husband is the only one working full-time. It has been a long road, and I will come to terms with what has happened down through the years at some point. I hope sooner than later.

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