I'm 21, and have been asked to lead the youth ministry


My step father has become deeply involved with pastoralship at my hometown church. He started up their long lost youth group, despite other members of the leadership saying the church is too small and it has never worked in the past. The group ended up being very successful with 20 and even 30 youth attending average. To make a long story as short as possible, he has become an associate pastor at the church, and he is expecting me to lead the youth group when I get back home from a lot of recent travels.

I travel a lot, I've always been my mothers rogue child as far as where I've been and what I've done. When I turned 18 I left home and started experiencing all kinds of new worlds and cultures and still have plenty more to discover. My faith is strong and I've had so many amazing learning experience through these journeys and believe God has made me ready to teach the youth.

I've wanted to be a pastor for the longest time but have never been sure of it until this radical shift in my whole immediate family has involved us all in the church and in expanding the Kingdom of God.

Ok so here's my problem.I see youth ministry as extremely important because the youth are the foundation to the next generation, and I don't want to lead anyone astray and I don't want to teach the teens useless information that is not relevant to their life and their own personal transformation of becoming a spirit-filled, God-conscious person.

I don't want to teach emergent fluff to entertain the youth but I don't want to teach academic boring scriptures, simply because the young mind does not receive and contain information as effectively that way.

I want a way to reach them on a very personal, culturally relevant, engaging way while, more importantly, staying biblical and true to God's word.

I've been trying to figure out a topic and course direction and so far have only fragmented, and vague (but not useless) ideas.

For some of you seasoned pastors out there, what is a good starting point for a successful youth group and how do I engage the youth in a way that makes them eager to be used by God to the fullest, and how do I go about making them thoroughly understand the great lessons the Bible has to offer?

Teaching young people just seems like such a huge responsibility with so many ins and outs and I want to do it right!

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