by Godwin
(West Africa)


Its such a great joy to discover an online community like this where one can be helped.

As a very highly motivated, ambitious and visionary young man, I left the church where I got saved and had become a Minister after serving there for 6years to pioneer an independent church in another State.

After 7years of not seeing the kind of results I anticipated and not being fulfilled, I waited on God, fasted and prayed then got led to go back to the church I left 7years ago.

I've been here for more than 6months but yet to be incorporated back to the church structure because my Pastor says he has to process my decision to come back and see how or what is the most effective way to go about my restoration.

Its been quite challenging just being there doing nothing because there has been no Workers Training so cannot serve as a Worker or in any capacity as a Minister that I was before I left.

Apparently, I know for sure that God is really working on me, developing fruit(s) of the Spirit in me however, I need you to help me with your insight and Wisdom because as much as I know that God wants me serve under my Pastor, my Pastor is planning to re-incorporate me and may soon send me to go start a Branch Church I'm presently idle and it's torturing.

It's quite apparent that God had gone ahead of me before I came to tell my Pastor I was coming back to him because he empathized, prayed with me and said he won't want it to seem as if he took advantage of my coming back by immediately fixing me up so we should both take time to really wait on God to be sure of what God will have us do and that he personally would have to also process it because I have already processed it.

In fact, he said that Small Groups/Fellowships would soon start and he knows I have experience in that area and it would have just been natural to deploy me to handle it. He also said it would be his joy as my Mentor if I am doing well in ministry and so I should know that he is committed to me, therefore would ensure he does whatever is his part in making things go well with me ministerially.

Out of his kindness and love, he gave me money when I was in search for a house, a gesture which I think he won't have shown to a person/course he doesn't believe in or agree with.

After 4months, he asked me if I have a new direction but told him there is none.

Even if I want to be doing free-lance soul winning in a cosmopolitan community where I stay, I need a community/sphere of influence which a workplace/community would offer me. I initially thought I'd go to the University community on selected days but the present lack of source of income makes it not feasible.

That led me to applying to several NGOs to serve as a Volunteer believing that after a while of seeing my good performance (if there is no development from my Pastor yet) I may be made a full staff. An NGO is willing to have me join their Team as an Intern(with that I'd have somewhere to go to in the morning to come back in the evening and I gather they will even give stipends to me as an Intern).

I told my Pastor on the Sunday before the Monday I was to resume but he told me to wait till when we see again in the Tuesday so we can fix a meeting for Wednesday. On Tuesday, he didn't say anything about it and till today he hasn't reached me so I am thinking that I would not pester him because it might just be a test of my patience.

That is the crux of the matter; I want to end idleness, start making money to be able to carry out my responsibilities but my need to be obedient and submissive to my Pastor is clashing.

Please ALL, I need your counsel on this matter.

Thanks so much!


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by: Pastor Sicc Mak

Please, I will be looking forward to reading biblical guides for this kind of experience. Much Thanks!

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