Internet Ministry Burnout?

by Steve
( Carson City, Nevada USA)

I am not a pastor. I'm a Jesus follower.
I've been involved in online- internet forums- ministry since late 2003. It began as a two-fold activity.

First, to give me something to keep me occupied while I recovered from a surgery, and a seven-year fight with advanced cancer.

Second, no one had ever taken me seriously in ministry, so I stepped up on my own, with some encouragement from an old roommate from 20 years before, who I'd gotten back in touch with because of how easy the internet made finding old friends.

I tried my hand at some serious atheist forums that were popular at the time. It took getting handed my proverbial hat a couple of times to step back to a local newspaper forum, and by September 2006, I was in my element. After getting settled in there, I found my groove.

I learned a lot about faith in Christ, myself, my capacity for sarcasm, and now I'm thinking that I have reached a point where I am no longer able to do this the way it strikes me it should be done. I'll explain why below.

I am involved with a local church community and a weekly men's group. My friends believe that I am addicted to the internet, and forums discussing Jesus with atheists. My wife is furious with my involvement in this because of how much time I invest in this. Upwards of 20-30 hours a week. She just said it's way more than 20-30 hours. OK. Maybe more like 40+. And I do it for free, at my own expense.

I post while I'm driving- I'm on the road for my work 6 days a week. I drive on winding mountain roads.

I really have to willfully choose to not go on the website while driving. I think that part of my problem is that I am a hard core thinker who is constantly thinking about how to solve a variety of problems.

My biblical recall, definitely a Holy Spirit gift, is really high, and with posting on the website, it allows for continued flow of recall. Which I am really enjoying.

Besides the dangerous conditions of driving while
typing, the problems with my wife, my excessive amounts of time talking to people who really don't want to know God, but are more interested in trying to separate Christians from their faith the way a hormonal boy of 17 tries to separate a young girl from her panties.

I know that God is working in me now because all these issues are rising to the surface of my life. It's purge time, and while it may be frustrating, I feel free at this moment. 😀

How does someone who has what strikes me as godly addiction get free, and whole, so they can serve Him in holiness and godliness?

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