Is it insecurity: Pastor husband hired by my beautiful, successful and wordly Latina to clean her home monthly.

by Wifey
(Twin Cities)

My buddy, a stunning, successful Latina woman wishes to hire my very handson, fit,pastor husband to clean her home on a monthly basis. She has been known to take a friends significant other in the very distant past. Likewise, he, when in the world, did foolish acts with friends of his girlfriends. Am I over-reacting or, just cautious. I told him no to working in her home. His reaction:" don't put me in a box with cheating husbands. I've given my life to Christ for many, many years and don't deserve to not be trusted. If I were going to cheat I would've already."

He is a GREAT man, husband and dad but still wrestles that wondering eye from time to time. His response if I say something, "I'm saved, not dead. I'm not doing anything worthy of scrutiny. You're too insecure." Anyhow...We have an awesome marriage: 10 years in still in love still attracted to one another. So,

Do I support the family cleaning business in this way or not. We could use the account $$.

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by: Anonymous

Thank u both. So far, so good. Pray for the situation please.

Be wise
by: Anonymous

I don't think its so much about trust as it is about exercising wisdom. I'd say exercise wisdom you don't put temptation in front of yourself if you know you have a weakness in a certain area.

You say he has a wondering eye? If so its not a wise situation to put oneself in based on that situation alone.

I don't believe its about insecurity as much as its about ensuring you and he have integrity and trust in your relationship. It's not so much about his past its about now and he still has issues according to the statement above.

Act in a way that brings glory to the Lord. I would pray and bring your concerns to your husband.

by: Stanley O'John

Yes. If he wants to mess around there are several ways he can do it without ur knowledge. Learn to trust him, it will make things better for you and him, don't let his past blind his present and future in your mind. I was once very deep in womanising, but after i gave my life to Christ it all changed tremendously. Though my wife have not doubted my faithfulness once but i will not be happy if she does. I costantly tell her pray for me, there is no superman out here we only have some men backed by a super God, so take every other thing to prayers that is were alot of people have been guarded and others delivered from temptations.

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