It's their church, not yours?

by Brandon
(Plainview, AR)

I'm a young new music minister about to finish my first year in bi-vocational ministry. I am at a rather traditional church that would like to become more modern musically.

Progress is slow as I expected but not at a halt. My concern is that when I asked advice from my father in law, a retired pastor, his caution was to remember that this is their church not mine. Basically pastors will come and go but the church will stay.

I found this to be very disturbing and over the last several months, an idea that is simply impossible for me to grasp. I am God's servant, and while I am paid by the church, my understanding in my training was that I should never allow my pay or lack there of to be a dictating factor in what I preach, teach, or how I lead. I should only lead as God leads me.

I am frustrated by how slow things are going and some of the dumb fights that have only been myth to me until actually getting my feet wet, but I in no way intend to give up or back down simply because they don't like how God is directing.

All that to say, My question is, is this my church? Or is my task more as a hired hand, or more dramatically put as a temple prostitute? To be used only until my purpose is served and then cast aside?

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