John Wesley Sermons

John Wesley

John Wesley sermons reveal a man of deep character and solid conviction. Wesley was born in 1703 and died in 1792. He was the 15th child out of 19, though only seven survived. His mother was one of 25 children in her family.

John is regarded as the founder of both the Methodist and holiness movements. He began these movements as he traveled around preaching in open-air meetings throughout England.

Wesley adopted the open-air practices that he saw in George Whitefield. Unlike Whitefield, however, Wesley taught against the predestination of Calvinism. He believed that each person could choose to accept or reject Christ. Calvinism believed that God draws people to himself without any action of the believer.

John Wesley helped to form societies of Christians through England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. These were small groups that gathered for accountability, discipleship, and religious instruction. Perhaps both his most genius and controversial move was to appoint unordained men to lead these small groups. They were charged with preaching and evangelizing along with their small group ministry.

Wesley’s movement confronted many of the social ills in society at that time. He preached against slavery and he worked toward prison reform.

Wesley’s theology affirmed what he called Christian perfection. He taught that it was possible in this life to attain a state of perfect love, that is, a state of where Christ reigned supreme in a person’s heart. This effectively taught that a person could gain a state of perfection in this life.

The sermons of John Wesley are abundant and easily accessible on the web. Below is a link to most of his sermons.

John Wesley Sermons

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