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Martin Luther

Martin Luther sermons were preached by the man known as the Father of the Protestant Reformation. Luther was born in 1483 in Germany - then part of the Holy Roman Empire. He died in 1546. His lifetime was marked by controversy and conflict.

In 1505, Luther entered a friary in order to become a monk. He dedicated his life to fasting, prayer, and confession. During an introspective moment later in life, Luther said of his time in the friary that if anyone could earn salvation, he certainly would have been one of them.

In 1507 Martin Luther was ordained as a priest and then sent to teach at the University of Wittenberg. He spent the rest of his career teaching at the school.

Luther soon became embroiled in theological debate. The Church taught that faith alone was not sufficient to save a person - faith must be augmented with good works and charity. In light of this teaching, Rome sent a man by the name of Johann Tetzel to Germany. His job was to collect indulgences - gifts of money to the church - that would count toward gifts of charity and good works. Thus, salvation could be gained in part by donating money to the church.

Martin Luther abhorred this. He entered the controversy by writing what is now known as the 95 Theses. In modern theological circles, the 95 Theses would simply be a book raising issues with current practices. It wouldn't be viewed as an attack on Christianity itself. But in his time it was in fact interpreted by many to be an attack. Luther's conclusion was that salvation was completely of God and no person can earn any merit with God through his actions.

Luther's lectures on Romans brought the reformer to the conclusion that salvation was by grace alone through faith. There was no need for charitable works. Salvation is from God alone. Because of his beliefs and because he refused to recant those beliefs, Luther was excommunicated from the Church in 1521.

His standing as one of the first Reformers makes Martin Luther sermons some of the most treasured of all the reformers.

You can read and download many of the Martin Luther sermons as well as his polemic writing as well.

Martin Luther Sermons

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