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by Danny C

I've been working at a church as the Youth Pastor for almost 2 years now. Without making any accusations let's just say that this church definitely has a small church mentality, ie. the bosses hand out a lot of futile work as well as engaging in it themselves.

Things have been going pretty well, though. I've managed to (with the help of God) build up a youth group from virtually nothing. It has been a bit of a battle with my bosses to do what needed to be done at times, but I'm happy with how things are going now.

Now my bosses want me to start spending less time in the office and more time "being involved with the youth." OK that sounds all good and fun, but here's the problem: this church specializes in ministering to the very poor and down and out population. Most of these teens have bad living situations with parents that don't really care and rarely if ever come to church.

The hardest part of this is that the teens have no money, and my budget is razor thin. This means that going anywhere requiring money more than 2-3 times a year is not happening. We already have programs for the youth before, during, and after the Sunday service, as well as a new Bible study type program starting on Wednesdays.

So to finally get to my questions (thanks for bearing with me:)

1. How do I plan more events for badly behaved teens with no funding (I've looked into fundraisers and the ones we can afford/the teens would actually do aren't that great?)

2. How do I do visitations with these teens (my bosses insist that I start doing more of this?)

Any advice is good advice because I feel like I'm heading up a creek without a paddle here.

Thanks, a Disgruntled Pastor

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Youth pastor issues
by: Si


Sounds like you're being a good and faithful servant - well done! However, it also sounds like you might need to work as part of a team. Have you thought about working together with other local church youth groups on this one? Perhaps you could offer to host a free youth event but on the condition that the churches you invite get involved with the planning and perhaps with financial assistance. Perhaps you could suggest to your 'bosses' that they provide you with time to explore these avenues at a youth leaders conference - this would perhaps give God time to embed his plans in your heart and give you time to make networks with others who have been through what you are and come out the other end. You may need to think and plan (write stuff down) strategically about expanding your youth work and insist that your leaders take an active role developing this with you.

As for visiting young people, I think you may need to make sure you're not doing it on your own - to avoid accusations. I'd make sure I was carrying these out with a small team (perhaps 3-4), including members of the opposite sex, so that gender/emotional issues can be dealt with appropriately.

Hope this is useful

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