My number 1 challenge in ministry is?

by Mark
(Armstrong, Ok. USA)

I would like and appreciate knowing what your number one challenge is in your ministry?

I'm a retired pilot and a Pastor's assistant and I have a heart-desire to help Pastors. I have training in Biblical Worldview & the accuracy of Genesis, How To Practically Renew Your Mind, How To Improve Relationships, etc. and I am preparing other subjects to help strengthen the Body of Christ - so, question is -

What is your number one challenge? I greatly appreciate your input. Mark

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My number one struggle
by: PreacherMike

Leading a horse to water and watching it choose to stand there and do nothing

Former Pastor
by: Eugene

The greatest struggle I faced in ministry was a power struggle. The church was over 150 years old, rural, and relatively small. One family wielded tremendous power over other members of the congregation for nearly 50 years, and others were afraid to stand up to them.

They damaged the church, and the church's reputation in the community. Other church members refused to do business with them because of their dishonesty. They were finally held accountable for their actions, and chose to leave rather than face church discipline, but still stir the pot in the community.

I no longer pastor that congregation, and the healing process has begun, but much damage was done.

My thoughts
by: Anonymous

Once upon a time I would have said my greatest challenge is the people, keeping unity and helping them to reach their full potential in Christ. But you know what thats nothing compared to the politics and the carry on among denominations and ministers.

I have found the biggest challenge has often been those higher up who are ambitious and will stab you in the back. In some ways the church can be worse than the world. We run it like a business and people climb to the top with ambition and the desire to control anyone under them. Apologies for the bluntness there,

But my desire is to see a church run scripturally and full of the power of the Holy Spirit where people are not in it for their own ambition or own agenda but we are doing it to further the gospel.Going into ministry for me was a shock,you see to me ministry was about serving God. Quite simple really but we have made it so complex.

If only we could get back to the simplicity of the gospel...

Nothing is finished
by: slowbutsure

My number 1 difficulty in ministry is living with its open ended nature. Nothing is ever finished. When I build things at home, they get completed and that gives a sense of satisfaction. Ministry feels like building a wall that is always falling down. I do other things to bring that sense of satisfaction in completing something but its always detrimental, I get side tracked.

I am not ungrateful. There is nothing I would rather do. It is a calling. But this is what I struggle with most.

For my part...
by: Anonymous

For my part, the #1 challenge in the life of any congregation is a power struggle within the laity, and especially those who are considered pillars of the church and have control of the finances. That, plus an unhealthy emphasis on having a Pastor who's nothing more than a house pet and does what the power people demand. And then there's the whole women in ministry disaster where so many women either are denied the opportunity to serve a church or are relegated to half or quarter time positions which can't sustain them financially. I used to be a Pastor and I used to love serving a congregation, but not any more. I've been too badly beaten up and abused (not terms I use lightly) to even attend church any more. More than one challenge, I know, but I think they're related.

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