Never Imagined

by John Hancock

I have been in ministry for 15 years. When I first came to know Jesus I was on fire and could not get enough of the Bible, Christian books, or being at a Worship Service! But little by little that changed. Sometimes I noticed my fire dying down just a bit. I guess you could say that I was ideological from the beginning.

During my time in ministry I have pastored 4 Churches. All of them slightly different of course. During my first 2 Churches I would look down upon and judge any other Pastor who did not have the faith to keep going in ministry and pray through any mess or frustration that they were experiencing. But now that has all changed.

I am at the 4th Church currently and things for the past 5 years have gone fairly well. But there are always the stinkers. The stinkers create havoc which keeps the Church focused on a few people instead of the Great Commission. I would say after dealing with years of frustration from people and the lack of personal finances I am considering leaving ministry for good. I have an interview with a Financial Company in just 2 days. I love Jesus but I cannot keep putting my family through financial and ministry stress any longer. It feels good to have a place to let this out.

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