Nothing Seems to work

by Annonymus
(Lanham, Md )

After an ugly marital fight, my marriage seems to be over. My wife moved out with my son and every effort to bring them back proved not to be working. over a couple of years now and nothing seems to work. my wife seems to have made up her mind on the marriage and i am getting there too. Recently, i find myself attracted to another lady i met about three years ago and we have started talking. Am i doing the right thing?

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Nothing Seems to Work
by: Liz Levesque

Anonymous: you are welcome and I hope you are spending time in reflection and away from other women. So many pastors are being tempted by other women who have marriages on the rocks or marriages that are strained and waning. "the devil prowls around seeking whom he may devour" and Christian marriages are one of his favorite targets with "the other woman." Even pastors who counsel women are at great risk and must take extra precautions. Many pastors have taken to having other women counsel women congregants. Stay strong in the Lord. When pastors find themselves separated from their wives for any reason they must be aware of the "other woman temptation." It's the devil's favorite ploy. It is textbook or vintage enemy tactic for ruining a pastor, his wife, his marriage and the church. Always be on the look out for this temptation. It is everywhere. Resist it at all costs. You will be blessed to no end if you keep yourself sexually pure during this time and the Lord will seem so much sweeter to you personally. Blessings+

Begin Within
by: Rev. Dr. Karl Galik

For the intimacies of marriage to work, you'll need to begin within.

Sometimes pursuit of the Beloved becomes it's own problem. Assuming you have clearly, and in multiple media informed her of your love and desire, turn next to your own spiritual growth and personal relationship with the Lord.

This will need to be strengthened no matter what directions things evolve.

If you two get back together, you'll want the spiritual substance and confidence to humble yourself as well as lead the family in love.

If you two divorce, you'll want to take time, and energy to recover; to forgive yourself and her. It takes enormous amount of time and work, but allows God to produce a new you with a new spirit.

Either way, the draws of another woman are problematic. Even if you divorce, your pursuit of intimacy should follow your own personal spiritual development. The more substantive you are, the more substantive the next potential relationship.

Begin within...

Your well-being is our blessing!

Nothing seems to work
by: Anonymous

Liz, that is the honest truth, thank you so much for the advice.

Nothing Seems to Work
by: Liz Levesque

You are still a married man. Cool it. Stay away from this other woman. That is adultery. I don't know where your marriage will end up but I was taught that until your marriage is officially over and the divorce papers have been signed you are still married. Anything else is adultery. Also, jumping into another relationship until you deal with your bad marriage is not fair to another woman. Just cool it. Get some counseling. Figure out why your marriage is bad. Why it has ended. Otherwise you will take the same "junk" into the next relationship. It isn't fair to yourself or the next young woman you date. Please. Get some counseling. Cool your jets. I know you are hurt and lonely. Spend the time in personal self reflection, prayer and fasting. Get on your face to the Lord. You have some serious repenting to do. Don't act like the failure of your marriage is all your wife's fault. It takes two to make a marriage fail. Accept personal responsibility about why your marriage is failing or has failed. Be honest. You have a kid. Get serious about being a father. Put your energy into that.Blessings. Liz+

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