Now what?

by W

I have left a church that I had pastored for about a year and a half. Our family has found a Bibl-preaching church where the Word is taught, and the people truly love.

Granted, I am still healing, but I haven't lost my desire to serve. Our new pastor feels we need to take some time to heal before getting into serving again. I have a desire and don't wish to be a "pew-dweller". Any suggestions?

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New Direction
by: W

I have been away from my previous pastorate for 6 months now. The church we now attend is where we were before God called me to the pastorate at the other church. 2 weeks after we began attending there again, I was asked to help with our church's van ministry. That has now grown into an additional Wednesday service for children (My wife and I both teach different classes), and it has grown so much that now the church has to have two vans just to get the kids there. I also serve with our teens in AWANA, and am active in our Youth Council. I have been told by several people that there is a reason I am still licensed by this particular church, and also that there is a reason that I have been ordained. I feel a strong calling towards Youth Ministry. I'm ready to answer that call, but I don't exactly have the support of all that would be involved in that decision. I am still in much prayer about this. Will keep you updated.

New church
by: Si


I'm assuming that you left your ministry as pastor because you were being treated poorly? You have said that the new church you are attending is one that loves - well your pastor will probably have a point in not letting you serve yet - that could be part of the loving. If I were you, I would make the most of it, by taking time out with your wife and family to spend time with God without the 'distractions' of serving. Perhaps go on sabbatical, or attend a Christian conference related to the issues you have been dealing with - not necessarily to learn more about it, but to give time to God to heal you completely of the hurts you have experienced; they often go way deeper than we think and we need God's Spirit to bring them out so they can be acknowledged or confessed and prayed over. Having prayer ministry for this is, I believe, critical in the healing process. If you get into serving without dealing with the hurts that people have done to you, those hurts will come back to haunt you. There may also be a need for you to forgive others in your heart if not face to face.

If you don't do anything else, get someone to pray for you 1:1. You can never have too much prayer!

Hope this helps.

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