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I'm sitting home recovering from my 3rd heart attack in 10 years. I love the work of God and His Kingdom and I know that I was created to serve in the kingdom of God. I believe that God spared my life again because the work is not done. I've heard of multiple pastors and leaders that have died in the past month from heart attacks. So i'm grateful to be alive.

My story is that our 2nd location or campus is 6 years old next month. I installed a campus pastor and he did not have the heart needed to continue to serve as a campus pastor. He had a desire to lead his own congregation and was not honest about his intentions before myself and the campus leaders about opening his own church. Needless to say he opened up 2 weeks later down the street from us and half of the congregation went with him. Most of our leaders stayed and we are rebuilding in a way that is exciting and kingdom focused. We went from approx 200 worshipers to between 80-100 weekly. The folks that have stayed are extremely solid and committed to the Lord and very hungry for the Word of God. I was hurt deeply because of the sacrifices that I made personally to help the campus grow and insure that they had all that they needed to be successful. I went to bat for the young man that we placed up there in the face of opposition. I hold no animosity towards him, I've even reached out to him and his wife so we could talk and resolve any issues bionically to regain my brother according to Matt 18. I await a return call or text.

Our church is strong in both locations and God is getting glory. However my health is becoming an issue. So I am very contemplative and introspective while seeking the Lord's direction for me and my family. I'm very fortunate in that we don't have problems with leaders infighting, or opposing me in my leadership. We still see ministry going forward according to Matt 25. The homeless are housed, the hungry are fed, the sick are ministered to and souls are being saved. I'm extremely excited about how the church is growing and going.

I have a few options. I can return to school and pursue my Doctorate and maybe teach and counsel. I can look for a position that does not require me to be the lead pastor or just continue to raise up leaders and empower them to lead within our current structure. I refuse to allow the devil to make me think that I'm not to serve in the kingdom pastorally. God called me and where he guides he will provide.

I solicit prayers and counsel in regards to next steps. This site was very helpful to me after the first and 2nd heart attack. Your experiences, and wisdom have been integral in assisting me to heal and respond appropriately.

I will always work in the service of the Lord. I know this that if the Lord wanted me with him, he would have taken me last week. I'm committed to serving the Lord for the rest of my life in some capacity. I just want to be in God's will.

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