Past girl friends

by Soma

How do you handle the issue of your ex-girl friends, who knowing you are married now and a pastor but still want you. Other way round how do you deal with ex- girl friend when you are always thinking about them? Is it right for pastors to be having conversations with ex- girl friends?

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Expose those things hidden
by: Anonymous

The best thing you can do is tell your wife. The devil loves it if we keep our temptations hidden. When your temptations are hidden that's when wickedness prevails. Expose the temptation, and just watch & see how the devil will be defeated. Read Proverbs chapter 5. Unfortunately, these women are everywhere out there. They can look very beautiful, but their end is destruction. Women know women. Being that I am a woman I can tell you that a Godly woman would not even go near you. Your covenant is with God, you, and your wife. Don't flee from your wife at this time, but draw nearer to her. Tell her about your temptations. You might find your wife is struggling with her own temptations. Erase the old girlfriends phone numbers, and any other form of access you have to them. Defeat the devil, and always remember we are in a spiritual warfare. We all struggle with temptations, but listening to God & fleeing temptation is how we grow spiritually. I will be praying for you my brother in Christ. I'm so glad to see your openness in sharing this temptation. I hope, and pray by going through this you will be able to help other men to open up, and talk. I've watched men for years struggle with lust, pornography, coveting other women, and fantasies which the Bible says are imaginations. You could help many many men if you do the right thing here. Open up to other men you trust who are Christians. You may find they are struggling with the same thing. If you can find that one guy friend that you can trust, have him as your accountability partner. Men struggle with many things in their thought life, and they need to know it's ok to talk. Our society makes it so men are to be strong, never show emotions, and act like nothing's wrong. Yet, God says we are to bare one another's burdens.

by: Anonymous

Run; don't walk away from this situation. Don't worry about being rude. Flee

Josh Hunt

Leave the Past in the Past
by: Anonymous

My dear brother, you already know the answer. Stay completely away from former girlfriends. If you decide to play with this fire, you will lose your wife, ministry and self-respect.

Satan is knocking. Have Jesus answer. Fall back in love with your wife. The Lord will show you how.

Past Girlfriends a Temptation
by: E. Levesque

Stay away from the ladies, especially past girlfriends. Big trouble. Don't entertain such things. AT all. Tell your wife about it and be straight with her. Tell her you are talking to them and repent to and with her. Ask for your wife's help and any other brother in the Lord. This is an ungodly temptation and you must resist it or you will fall and ruin yourself and your marriage. Confront it right away. You have my prayers. Liz+

trouble brewing
by: Anonymous

My brother if you are married you should not be having those conversations. As we know the battle against lust begins in our minds, the enemy of our souls is very subtle. Jas 1:14 But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed.
Jas 1:15 Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.

The bigger problem may be WHY do you feel that you should be talking to these young ladies. It sounds like your dealing with lust. I say this in love because I myself have been caught up with illicit relationships. They all started out pure or so I thought. But then they developed into something ungodly.

Save yourself and flee. The word of God is clear on lust. We are to run in the other direction. Think about the pain that it will cause to God, your family, yourself and your church. We have had too many men of God fall to sexual temptation.

I pray for your strength and wisdom.

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