Pastor Burnout Workbook

Pastor Burnout

Are you experiencing pastor burnout? How do you know? What is burnout? What can be done about it?

Burnout is a vicious enemy of pastoral ministry. It has the potential to damage relationships, leave people hurting, hurt your marriage, and even lead to a resignation. Job burnout is not something that should be trivialized.

The burnout syndrome attacks pastors when and where they least expect. It attacks pastors in their relationships. It causes pastors to withdraw from the very people they love. Exhaustion and a sense of failure are both causes and results of this withdrawal from other people.

The most common question I receive is, "How can I get over pastor burnout?" "I want to get back to normal. I want my passion for ministry renewed."

That’s why I wrote The Pastor Burnout Workbook. The workbook is in ebook format and can be downloaded immediately.

What’s the book about?

What’s Included in The Pastor Burnout Workbook?

  • What Is Burnout? Burnout is more than being tired or overworked. It has to do with feelings of exhaustion, feelings of cynicism toward people and the job, and with feelings of failure.
  • What Causes Burnout? Burnout is caused by being out of sync with your ministry. There are six areas where a pastor might be out of sync with ministry. They are, workload, control, reward, fairness, community and values.
  • Who Is Most Susceptible to Burnout? Everyone is susceptible! But there are some basic personality and social characteristics of those who are most prone to pastor burnout.
  • How Do I Know if I’m Burned Out? It’s not always easy to know if you are experiencing job burnout. Sometimes other people see it before we do. However, with some basic information and a burnout profile test, you can get a better idea of your level of burnout.
  • What Is the Relationship between Burnout and Depression? The two are not synonymous. But burnout left unchecked can lead to depression. How do you know if you are depressed? It’s best to view descriptions of the various symptoms of depression as you make your decision.
  • How Do I Overcome Burnout? Looking at the six areas where a pastor can be out of sync with his ministry we can develop some practical strategies to fight the burnout syndrome.

I titled the book a workbook for a reason. The workbook contains 11 exercises that will draw you through the process of understanding clergy burnout and then setting up an action plan to either defend against getting burned out or to overcome burnout. When you finish the exercises you will have a fully developed strategy by which you can fight burnout.

Does It Cost Anything?

Pastor Burnout

I’m afraid that I have to charge something. It took a lot of time and effort to put together these 40 pages. But I’m trying to keep the cost as low as possible so that as many as possible can afford this resource.

But you can get off the hook if you don’t like the book. I will gladly refund your money if the book isn’t helpful for you.

The Price of This eBook Is Only $14

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Pastor Burnout

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