Pastor Care

Where Do Pastors Turn
When They Need Help?

Pastor care is not the same as the care a pastor provides people in his or her congregation. It is care for the pastor.

Where does a pastor go when he is discouraged, when he is burned out, or when he is facing challenges in his congregation? If he turns to his church leaders he risks sharing information that is very personal and perhaps hurtful. If he tells people in his congregation, it may be misunderstood or even used as a weapon against the pastor. So where can he or she go? Where does a pastor go when the church or congregation is the problem?

PastorCare is an organization that began in 1995. Our founder, Dr. Filbert Moore, had himself endured deep pain and challenges. His original vision of PastorCare was,

Wherever a pastor lives and serves, there will be people called by God ready to offer a variety of practical supports to under gird the pastor and family.

Today, Pastor Care has regions across the continental USA. One of those regions is the Great Lakes Region. Within the Great Lakes, I am the East Michigan Area Director.

But my ministry exceeds East Michigan. I have email conversations with people throughout the USA and in other countries as well.

Our primary purpose is to provide coaching and encouragement for pastors struggling with any issue. That might be burnout, depression, conflict, moral failure, and marital or family problems.

We also provide coaching for pastors and churches so that they are better positioned to learn about and respond to the current culture and so that those churches become more responsive to ministry opportunities.

PastorCare representatives are completely confidential and don’t judge. Each representative has personally endured times of challenge and dryness. I like to tell pastors that

We’re here because we’ve been there.

I have personally endured severe challenges. You can read my story here. I thought my ministry was over. But with PastorCare, I realize that it is just beginning.

I would like to make myself available to you. If you don’t know where to turn, if you want a confidential coach, or if you just need to unload, contact me here at Pastor Care. I believe that I can help.

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