Pastor Retreats
A Little Break from the Stress

Pastor retreats serve at least three purposes.

  1. They help break the cycle of stress that a pastor feels every week. When a pastor finishes Sunday, he immediately begins thinking about Wednesday, then about Sunday again. The treadmill never ends.
  2. Retreats also give the opportunity to heal from the wounds of ministry. Whether you and your spouse have drifted apart, you are overwhelmed with stress, you are recovering from a major conflict in the church, and on and on it goes. A clergy retreat can help heal these wounds.
  3. The third purpose that retreats fulfill is a secret: sometimes they feel a little like a vacation! But this is one of those insider secrets that should never get into the hands of your congregation!

Click here to list your retreat along with the long list of other retreat centers I've collected on my other site.

There is a form on that page (scroll down) where you can write about your retreat. Make sure you include contact information or your web address. Once you finish entering the information, I can create a page just for your retreat. Below that form is a list of retreats that have been submitted to me. Click the links to find out more information.


Clergy Retreats Conclusion

Clergy retreats come in all shapes and sizes... and locations. Look around for one that fits your needs. Check back here as I have a resources for extensively expanding this list.

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