Position of Pastor

by Mike

I am struggling with Board members and some of their spouses believing that Deacons and Pastor are on the same level and that the office of Pastor is not a position to be held in esteem. Everything that I have been taught and search in the bible tells me that Pastor's should be held in esteem and that deacons and Pastor's are not on the same level. They are to work together and not a pastor be subject to the Board. Am I wrong?

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Position of Pastor
by: Liz Levesque

Dear Pastor,

Pastor's should be held in good esteem. So should deacons. I have never heard of "levels" of esteem. Esteem should be equally dispensed all around. Do you mean "authority?" My question is, "why is this a question with the board?" Do you not have enough esteem or respect to go around to everyone equally or is this about who should be given more respect or authority by title or position? It would help if you clarified. thanks. Liz+

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