Practical preaching question: Is it wise to teach two different series at once

by LaVan
(Denver, CO)


I have a practical preaching question around the management of the pulpit.

About the Church:
Our church is a small one. We launch on August 31st, 2014. We are far from our goal of 120+ persons in our launch. As we get closer and closer we are having public monthly preview services at the end of each month. Also we are meeting on Sundays at my home.

As we've been dedicating to this launch and our monthly meeting growth, we've added a Bible Study to the week. We now will begin meeting on Wednesday nights in the home as well. We are doing this to introduce the people to Christ and the church via the Bible study in a personal setting.

Lately I've been far more diligent in the teaching/preaching schedule, so our Sundays are planned out well between myself and another teaching minister for the remainder of the year. I am using series and few topical messages on Sundays that fall between special occasions.

However, the addition of the Wednesday night teaching is throwing me off a bit. I had hoped to simply preach/teach whatever I taught on Sunday, thinking it might be a different group of people, but it looks like that won't be the case. So I can't "get away with" teaching the same message.

Is it wise to teach two different series at once; i.e., a series for Sundays and an entirely different series for Wednesdays. Is it more likely that I'll burn-out faster?

Should I change our series to be inclusive of Wednesdays, meaning, 1 series that captures messages on both Sundays and Wednesdays, even though that will make whoever missed one of the meetings, misses that part of the series unless they go on-line and listen in?

Any help would be welcomed. I know what series we'll be doing Wednesday night for the next 4 weeks, but I really need some feedback with how to manage this service in the future.

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by: Anonymous

We have been preaching the same series at our church on Sunday and midweek. While the theme for the week remains the same, the outcome goal for each service is usually different. (almost like a mini-series of the week within the month series)You might find that easier and less confusing than two different series, I know I did.

by: LaVan

I'm preaching 2 different series. I love teaching and preaching so it's not that. I've been doing it for a few weeks. It's interesting to tell the truth.

Less time for the yard is about all I'm feeling now. I guess we'll keep going at it and see what happens. I share the Sunday preaching schedule, I believe I'll be sharing the Wednesday night as well. I just haven't banged out that message calendar yet.

God bless,


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