Praise the Lord!!

by Randy DeCarlo
(Quebec, Canada)

At fellowship tonight, no one came. No not even one person. Just my wife and I. So I thought. Actually one person tried to come but the door was locked. Even one person would have been some encouragement.

WE had locked the door because children kept coming into the church unattended. Children come in all the time, by the way, we just lock the door when no is there to watch them. Most Pastors might think that it would be discouraging for only one person to be at church. But when you pray and study and have a message you at least get to share with one person.

I have been a pastor in a small isolated community for approx. 14 years. Our fellowships or Church Services, whatever you want to call them are on Wednesday and Sunday evening at 7 pm. We have Kid's Sunday School at 1 pm. on Sundays. Our attendance at Fellowship is from zero to about 20 max. Usually about 3 to 8 not including my wife and I. Kid's Sunday School has from 3 or 4 to 30 children. Usually about 15.

I can't get anyone to help preach. My wife and I do Kid's Sunday School. We do almost all the cleaning and maintenance. It is difficult to get someone to lead worship. The offerings are embarrassing even for the number of people who attend.

There is another church in the community that most people belong to but don't really attend that much, except for funerals, weddings and child baptisms.

We do minister to many people in the community that do not attend our church. Many who attend are usually confronted by people from the other church and are told not to attend our Fellowship. The spirit of religion very strong and has been for a long time.

Three years ago we built a new church! WE got about $130,000 by fund raising and our tithes and offerings. We built a new, economical, building!! 4000 square feet with a small residence. It was simply a miracle! All volunteer from churches down south from us and some help from the community. Took 3 years from the time we started fund raising till the church was completed. It's value is about $450,000.

Because there are only a small number of people who come to our services it is very difficult for me as a pastor to feel encouraged and of much value.

I have wanted to quit many times. The reason was because I assessed things by the attendance.

The truth is that whenever we meet the Anointing and Spirit is so amazing! We always get so blessed!

I suppose to walk in Spirit instead of in the flesh is to look to JESUS and not at the circumstances. To be satisfied with what God is doing instead of getting down about it. God can do anything and I believe that a great revival will someday take place. He did not give us this building for no reason!

I truly would not want to be here if I am not suppose to! So I pray Father make it clear when you want me to leave.

Maybe I feel inside like Elijah! "I hear the sound of the abundance of Rain" Even in the midst of feeling so down at times, I somehow know that JESUS will prevail and will send the rain!

Please pray for me! Pastor Randy

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