Re-branding the Gospel?

by Gabriel
(London, UK)

Should the Church of the living God repackage the Gospel of Jesus Christ? If yes, where is the position of the Holy Spirit in directing and leading the Church? If the Gospel need to be repackaged, what type and how? Thanks.

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The message remains the same!
by: Anonymous

I have to agree, no matter what our primary purpose in ministry is to lead and point people to Christ. You know what the message never changes, it remains the same. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. The message of salvation remains the same.

So its not repackaging as opposed to being relevant to the culture we are ministering to. The method may change but the message never changes! I believe we can be relevant to this generation without changing the message!! Be open to the Holy Spirit, be guided and directed by the Lord and be amazed at what he will do when you put him first!

We Must Point People to Jesus
by: Anonymous

Whether they follow Him or not is up to their openness to the Holy Spirit ...

I believe our primary obstacle is focusing on anything other than Jesus, pure and simple. His words from the Word, His death for us all, and His new life through the Holy Spirit. We are not even supposed to grow His church. He is. We are supposed to become His disciples ... and then make disciples of all nations. What did that look like in the first century? God has not changed. People have not changed. Our Holy Spirit led mission has not changed.

Many congregations now look like any secular business and use the same measures of success: amount of customers and money coming in.

True discipleship leads to self-denial and perhaps even death (deny self, take up your cross daily, follow Jesus.) Present day Western Christianity seems to be about self-fulfillment and worldly success. How can this be?

Remember, Jesus ministered to tens of thousands of people if not hundreds of thousands of people. Only a handful became disciples. We are called to make disciples. This may mean very small congregations.

If we are in this to bring glory and people to Jesus we will have peace with that. If it's about bringing people to ourselves, through our own pride and insecurity, we will not.

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