Solo Pastor Feel Like Single Parent

My husband died and I took over as senior pastor. There's been a lot of good and positive things to happen in the ministry over the past few years: lives changed, marriages restored, new commitments to Christ, etc. But I feel overwhelmed. Trying to be everything for everybody; got a lot of babies in Christ, got young men but no seasoned man to help train. Sometimes people leave because they don't feel they're getting enough, but I'm giving everything I have! I get so discouraged sometimes but I know I can't give up. I feel like a single parent of multiple children with different needs, temperaments, attitudes, issues, even special needs children. Cry a lot in secret because the children can't know my real frustrations. What do you do when you know you can't quit, yet the war of your own mind is almost unbearable? It's such a lonely walk when you've made up your mind not to play the church game with the souls of men. People fight against gender in ministry, but would a good mother abandon her newborn just because the father died?

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Take care of you to
by: Anonymous

First of all hugs, its sounds like you have an amazing heart to bring hope and healing to others but you are still grieving the loss of your husband and thats hard. Give yourself time x It's wonderful that you have seen God's hand at work in the church and in your life but you can't be all things to all people ALL the time. It will burn you out and leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Remember the burden is not yours to carry alone!!! Encourage those you have in the church to look to Christ and if at all possible delegate some jobs and give some responsibility to others.

Take care of you and do things that recharge you. Surround yourself with godly friends and people that uplift and encourage you.

I understand it is harder for a woman in many circles but you know its not impossible, God anoints who he anoints and if others have issue with that then that is between them and God. Try not to take onboard the criticism of others, it will drive you insane. Just be in God and trust in him that if this is the role God has you in at the moment he will give you the strength and the ability to continue.

God bless

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