spiritual dryness

by jay

I'm a pastor, a seminary student and a family man. I am felling dry right now. What could be the reason?

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Some thoughts
by: Anonymous

It could simply be that you are going through a season in your life. Despite how you are feeling continue to seek the Lord for breakthrough and trust him to bring you through this season.

Be open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, if there are areas in your life that need addressing he will shine his light on those things. All he asks of you is that you are open and willing to be molded by the master potter.

God bless and praying that you will know his presence in a profound way in your life.

A Few Possibilities
by: Anonymous

1) You have forgotten your first love (Revelation 2:4). In order to be spiritual leaders, we must be followers of Jesus. His question (asked 3 times) to Peter is the same to us: "Do you love me?" Are you allowing Jesus to fill you with His beautiful, powerful, overwhelming love ... and are you loving Him in return? Are you giving the Lord plenty of one-on-one time, preferably in the morning, to remove your burdens, fill you with His Spirit, and give you His love for all people? You cannot give what you do not have.

2) Have you forgiven everyone everything? If not, like the wicked servant who refused to forgive his fellow servant after being forgiven millions of dollars of debt, the Lord has thrown you into spiritual prison. Often, when I am not experiencing the joy of the Lord, it is because I am holding something against someone else. If so, confess it, repent of it, forgive them, and pray for them. You will be released.

3) Sometimes, the Lord removes His presence from us to help us grow in our commitment to Him. Do I follow and love Him because of His blessings to me and the joy of being in fellowship with Him? Or, will I follow Him, obey Him, and love Him no matter how I am feeling ... even when the blessings are removed? The Lord may simply be deepening your faith and commitment to Him.

Go deeper in your commitment to the Father. Express your love to Him. Cry out to Him. Ask Him to show you your heart, and if there is any bitterness or judgment simply give Him permission to remove it from you.

God is good! He will bring you through this dry time (in dry times, plants roots go deeper) and grow your faith, hope and love in the process.

God bless you, brother.

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