TD Jakes Sermons

TD Jakes

TD Jakes sermons are taken from the pastor’s ministry at the Potter’s House in Dallas, Texas. The church is a non-denominational mega-church with about 30,000 members.

Jakes was born in 1957. During his childhood he was already known as the bible boy. But people told him he wouldn’t be a good preacher because of his lisp. In 1979, however, Pastor Jakes founded Greater Emmanuel Temple of Faith in Montgomery, West Virginia. He married in 1981. The couple has five children.

In 1996, Jakes and about 50 families from West Virginia relocated to Dallas and started Potter’s House.

TD Jakes is a prolific writer, having written at least 30 books. In addition to his books, he has also composed music and a play. He founded a Christian music label as well as a studio for the development of movies and theatrical presentations.

The Potter’s House is heavily involved in ministry to the surrounding area. And their ministry is often directed at those whom no one else will love. They reach out to prostitutes, drug addicts, alcoholics, the elderly, and victims of violence. They also focus ministry on Africa by digging wells, providing medicine, and ministering in general to thousands of people there.

Pastor Jakes has been granted more than a dozen honorary degrees. He has also been honored with nominations to Grammy and Dove awards.

TD Jakes sermons can be viewed at the Potter’s House web site .

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