The Bad Side of A Sermon

by Rex Mangiliman
(Cavite, Philippines)

First of all I don't know if that's even the best title for this. But what I have in mind is the story behind the sermon.

We pastors often preach out of the behaviors that we see in our parishioners that we feel needed correction and use the sermon to point them out. We even feel that the Holy Spirit is convicting us to preach on this.

While preparing the sermon we can even picture that brother or sister not behaving the way a Christian should but on the other hand we too end up doing the things we wanted them to correct. We even say before we preach that the person to whom the sermon is very much directed at is me but we were able to make that sermon because we saw that from a brother or sister first and we often just say that it's us that the sermon is really pointing at just to not feel the pain of the guilt.

I believe this is one of the occupational hazards in being a preacher. We preach on sins that we ourselves commit and when we think about others when prepare those sermons, we act as though we are better Christians than they are. Then we realize that we are just like them who are in great need of God's grace and forgiveness.

But then, it seems that it can't be helped and we need to preach it anyhow. This is what I believe that is one of the painful path that a preacher has to take.

If it weren't for God's grace, how will he be able to get to the other side? Thank God for his Amazing Grace.

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