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I have been pastoring the same church for about six years. To date I have been given two weeks of vacation each year. I feel like I need more to help prevent burnout. But I don't know how to bring this up with the church leaders. Can anyone give me some advice?

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You need a holiday!!
by: Paddy Venner

HI mate - wow, 2 weeks!! I get five, and more if I tell them I need more. Surely 2 is illegal? Are you in the US? Aren't there laws there that govern that kind of thing? I don't know how your leadership is structured but if you're the pastor that makes you the visionary leader and you tell the team that I assume you've raised up, that you're changing the leave laws of the church and that from now on you're getting x-amount of days a year. They need to understand that spiritual tiredness and pressure is way beyond secular job levels and that you need 4 to 5 weeks a year and a three month sabbatical every 5 years. If your leadership is structured differently then I need to ask why, and then I need to advise that if it is, you tread lightly but go in with honesty about the need for rest. I really hope this is resolved soon. I'm on your side mate!

Tips for Time Off
by: Pastor R

Vacation is a special time for the pastor. Here are a few tips that may work for you.
1. Instead of going for another week right away, suggest a 2 or 3 day interruption every quarter. That time will be refreshing to you.
2. Try this - have a daily diversion, weekly wandering, & a monthly meandering. Schedule some time in your day, 30 minutes min, and take leave from the office. Once a week, schedule some time for yourself to go to a place where you can just walk without responsibility. Like a huge mall, a college campus, or a quiet lake. Try the afternoon...it works better. Monthly, schedule some time for you to have a meeting away from the office, and during that time do something you enjoy, get a manicure, see a movie, take the ferry and go to the other side.
3. Teach the church leaders how to invest in you with a graduated vacation scale. After 5 years, 3 weeks vacation; after 7 years, 3 years + 1 week retreat; after 10 years, 4 weeks vacation + 1 week retreat.
What you have described is real. Yet, God is real and cares for you. Trust him, be courageous, and protect yourself. Blessings.

You are not Jesus
by: Matthew

Even Jesus needed time away. Jesus required solitude. Jesus needed reflection time and prayer time.

In love tell your leaders, "look I am tired, and I want to be of good godly use to the church, but I could really benefit from a vacation."

If they don't hear this message, I would evaluate where you are.


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