Tithe competition, pastor relationships and boasting

I am a youth pastor/associate pastor at a church of about 200 people. Our lead pastor looks at the tithing record regularly, pays extra attention to those who give a bigger amount. When our church budget won't allow for a bigger purchase of something the Church needs he buys it with his own money but then goes around telling the congregation that the church couldn't afford it but he bought it for the church. The lead pastor and his wife are full time paid staff making 80k a year between the two of them. They are the only paid staff there. He also likes to boast to the congregation about how "we can barely afford him." I have tried talking to him about it and he blows it off as a joke. Him and his wife are always sitting around wondering why the Church doesn't grow. I feel these issues are not right and I don't know what to do other than leave the church. My wife has already said she feels like this season is coming to an end. Any suggestions?

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Leave it to God and be free.
by: Anonymous

Hi bro. Your story is almost similar to mine, and I hope to help you deal with it.

First, realize there are problems you can't fix, especially if it requires the cooperation of the erring party.

In this case, that pastor has to realize that what he's doing is wrong. But since he didn't accept the rebuke or correction you gave him, you must realize for yourself that there's pretty much nothing you can do except to pray for him.

Second, I know you want to help the church be put back in the right, but you need to realize that there are more important things than church ministry.

You said your wife feels like the season is about to end. And I think she's right. When I found myself in the same situation before, I chose to leave the church and focus on my relationship with God and my wife.

Truth be told, bro, I was happy I left. There's nothing you can do to help an erring person who doesn't want help. Worse, you'll be labeled by that person as "greedy" for the tithes, "rebellious" or "power hungry" for trying to correct him, and "intrusive" for "meddling" with how he handles church finances.

I suggest you leave that pastor and his wife to God. Instead, focus on your marriage.

When the time is right, God will allow you to serve in ministry again, perhaps even in a different way.

God bless you brother!

by: George

Well there's not much you can do here...Pastors are usually very protective when you're trying to touch the money...You might be easily labelled as "rebel", "the guy who wants pastor's salary", "greedy" etc. Financial questions are very sensitive in church and usually pastor's the guy who lays down the law. So it's your choice : take it or leave it. It's not worth the fight believe me. I was in the church of 50 people (mostly new immigrants and illegal aliens) where pastor's salary was 40K and his also was in car business. He was buying salvage cars on the auction, they were repaired and sold online. In addition to this he didn't speak English at all and our finances were in terrible shape in terms of financial accountability. After a lot of awkward conversations we managed to create some kind of financial committee to look after our GL .

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