Watching my wife fall before my eyes!

by michael rowe
(northport, florida, USA)

My wife has been in the ministry for over 5 years. During that course of time she has been an associate minister,children's minister and a senior minister. I noticed her starting to tumble after her 1st assignment as an associate minister. Her job was eliminated due to the church's financial troubles. She felt qualified to handle the senior pastor position, but the all southern white male leadership at the church abstained to that ever happening. This broke her heart, and along with mine. She then took a position a few months later as an associate minister at a rather large church. After a few months on, she noticed that the senior was not at all cordial in letting her share the pulpit with him, and basically shoved her to the side at "Children's Minister". Again her heart was beginning to crumble before my eyes, and I could not speak to anyone at the church about this, as that was considered "taboo" to speak on your wife's behalf. This showed a sign of weakness, as you know that all ministers have to wear big pants! A year later she moved on as a Senior Minister at a rather small church, and for a small time she was very enthused, but noticed that the church was needing extensive
repairing in all their needs in ministry. Basically, the church was pretty much dead in the water, and there was NO one wanting to work as a team to bring some life into it. Everything was spilled on her lap and it was overwhelming in every aspect. I am now at home with a wonderful woman who suffers with major depression and anxiety disorder. She was told by her doctor to call it quits!! I am saddened by this, and by all those so called, "real Christians" who shoved her into a padded cell. May god be with those wonderful woman who want to teach the word.

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