Wedding Sermons

There aren’t really any bible texts that are specifically for wedding sermons. There are, however, many passages that work well for weddings. The sermon outlines listed here should help give you a good start on finishing your sermon.

Before we get to the outlines, though, let’s discuss some suggestions for this type of sermons.

  • Keep it short. If you are going to get a hearing from the couple and the audience, you will need to keep your sermon on the short side. I think it shouldn’t be any more than about 10-12 minutes.
  • Make it light. Don’t preach, Sinners in the hands of an angry God.
  • Include some humor. Humor will ensure that people listen.
  • Use stories. Nothing holds an audience’s attention more than a good story.
  • Repeat yourself. When you finish a point, restate each of the points you’ve made so far.
  • Use a Bible passage. I’ve heard wedding sermons that don’t even refer to a biblical text. How is that possible? Choose a passage. Read the passage. Explain the passage.
  • End with a bang. In your conclusion, summarize your main point and your sub-points. Then close your sermon with an unforgettable illustration. The people may hear nothing else, so make the conclusion the best part.
  • Make eye contact. It is very tempting to just read the sermon. But you should rehearse the sermon as much as you do your Sunday sermons. Try not to rely on your notes. Look up. Look at the couple. Look at the bridesmaids and the groomsmen. Then, if you can see some of the audience, try to make eye contact with some of them. This will, just like your Sunday sermons, keep people tuned in to what you’re saying.

Sermons for weddings can be a memorable part of the ceremony. Your sermon will go over better when you follow the above suggestions.

Sermons for Weddings

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