What do you do when you are burned out

I've been in ministry for over 16 years. Seven years as a senior pastor. Right now I'm in a point in my life where I'm sick of church folk, tired of continually pouring out & giving. I feel there is nothing left to give. People are takers and will take until you are sucked dry. I guess I need to know that what I'm feeling is not unique and what do you do. I take trips but now I'm back & still feeling the same way. Help!

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I Understand
by: Anonymous

As a pastor for over twenty years, I just want to tell you that I understand. Everything you have shared I can relate to. It is the worst feeling in the world. Believe me, I know. The one good thing I can see from time to time (and I am sure that there are more I just can't always see it), is that it makes me more sensitive and aware of how our Lord must feel at the way we humans treat Him daily, and it makes me appreciate His Love, Kindness, Goodness and Mercy towards us more and more. My suggestion to you is to use your hurt, pain, sorrow, disappointment and disillusionment to become closer to God. He will not disappoint you and you will be the better for it.
Grace, Peace and Mercy in abundance to you my fellow traveler!

We all need Sabbath time ...
by: Anonymous


I asked a group of 12 pastors what their daily discipline of bible reading, prayer and communion with God looked like. They looked at me like I was crazy. No one intentionally spent one-on-one time with the Father on a daily basis. I believe Jesus meant it with the whole Vine/branches thing.

This holy time with the Father is not meant to be a few weeks out of the year ... or even one day a week. It is to be everyday, all day, in loving communion and obedience.

Pastor Tommy Barnett (who I believe is the greatest pastor few know about) puts it this way: "I spend 2 hours every morning with Jesus in prayer, bible reading, and listening. There's a lot of Egypt that needs to be marched out of me every day."

May the Father bless you with his grace. It is sufficient.

by: Rebecca Evans

Take some time alone with just you and God. After you have returned from your trip. Set up some boundaries and work with your plan. Then rest sit back put it all in God's hand and just pray. What ever you do don't take your hand off the plow.

Pastor Burnout
by: Dan Sherman

Burnout is very real and is the reality for thousands of pastors. I recommend you take a look at my Pastor Burnout Workbook offered here: http://www.pastorburnout.com/pastor-burnout.html.

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