What now?

by Jerry
(Bryan Texas )

After being involved as a church minister I am now having problems trying to find a church to attend. I constantly compare myself to the pastor I am listening to and I become so jealous because I don't preach anymore.. I had to rebuild a church and no one new cares.

I told my wife I am thinking of stopping attending church of any kind. I feel lost, disconnected and undervalued now.

What do I do?

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In our bones
by: Anonymous

I understand I don't have a sense of jealousy but I want to be up there all the time. It's who God called us to be. It's in our bones. If you stop going to church together then Satan has won. Rejoice for the pastor. When you find a church ask if you can preach every now and then. Don't stop going!!!!!!

A few ideas
by: Casey Sabella

I have been where you are.

I think it is important for both you and your family to connect somewhere on some level. I have seen pastors go through trials like this and disconnect. Ultimately, the unintended effect on their family tends to be very negative over time. Pastor's kids will see the church as your enemy and therefore something they want no part of when they grow up.

It might make sense to contact pastors in the area and take them to coffee if they are willing. Share your story. Don't seek to minister in their church, but just let them know where you are at. Go to church as a "normal" person. Observe and learn what it is like "on the other side." If and when God brings you back into church ministry, you will be far better equipped to serve.

Hope this helps,

Casey Sabella

Why a church-building ?
by: Eva

Always in the questions of Ministry do we have to think about Jesus and how he lived his life as it is his way we should follow.

Jesus had no church building in his Ministry.

Jesus was walking around to places and people met him and he preached to them.

People came and walked away, only a small group followed him always.

We do not need an established church building with the same people in it.

Preach where you walk, give more as God sends people on your way.

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