Would God ever tell someone NOT to serve or NOT to lead?

by Maxx
(Monroe, Michigan, USA)

Would God ever tell someone NOT to serve or NOT to lead? I was asked by my pastor to become one of four deacons at our church. After prayer and careful consideration, I accepted, yet the deacons were not announced nor elected. Within a few weeks, the pastor passed away. His son has taken over as interim pastor and plans to have the members elect the deacons. However, I recently had an encounter with the interim pastor's wife. I had a conversation with her where she said that a particular person at the church would never be allowed to serve at the church. This person is a relatively new believer who fell to temptations, but rededicated himself to Christ in front of our congregation. Now, he needs to make a real connection with God and the church.

I spoke to the interim pastor about allowing him to serve in a small capacity and he agreed with me. During the service the following Sunday, the interim pastor told the congregation that everyone would be allowed to serve. I found out after the service that the believer was approached before the service and told he would not be allowed to serve. I was really upset at this. When I asked God if I should still lead during my prayer later that night, the message revealed in my heart was "you are not to serve." I am expected to go in front of the members in three days to be elected, yet I am confused. Would God ever tell someone NOT to serve or NOT to lead? How do you know when God is saying something or it's your imagination? I don’t want to be a pew sitter or leave my church, but deep down I know that God does not approve of anyone stomping on the seeds he planted in new believers.

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Would God ever tell someone not to lead or serve
by: Anonymous

How do you know His voice? Have you based your response and what you hear on your emotions?
One of the things we need to learn how to do is to listen and know when God speaks from any other voice. If at all you are caught up in the emotions of it maybe it is wise that you do not do anything until you have cleared your heart and mind of anything that would have distracted you. Ask God for a renewed mindset, repent of anything that might have got in to cloud you hearing His voice.

Yes, He can say do not lead or serve if the motive is wrong. So establish first if you serving as a deacon was really out of a servant's heart?

Confused About Serving
by: Anonymous

Dear confused: Of course the Lord would tell someone NOT to serve if that someone was not supposed to be where they are at and YOU are definitely in a BAD church okay? Run! Fast! You can SErve the Lord anywhere in the world doing any job, okay? Why is "service" relegated to a church building? or a position in the church? or title? MOST people are NOT Christians and they live out in the world and they need someone to got OUT to where they are. Most "calling" or "service" is outside the church building. Church is where we worship together. Nothing more! Serving is what we do IN THE WORLD! Lizzy+

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