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Youth pastor jobs are a little more difficult to find than senior pastor job openings. So your pastor job search will be a little more challenging. There are plenty of positions – you just have to have a little more patience.

The best way to find youth pastor jobs is to use the same list of ministry openings as I listed on the senior pastor job and Baptist pastor job pages.

But before you go to those pages, let me share a little of my experience with you so that your search will end in a joyful experience.

The average tenure of youth pastors is less than two years. That is, most youth pastors stay in their positions for about 18 months.

Why is that? I think there are several reasons.

  • Youth pastors are typically young, and therefore aren’t experienced at candidating. This results in poor choices of ministries – they perhaps choose the first church that comes along rather than seeking one that fits their gifts and values.
  • Many youth pastors have aspirations of being senior pastors. They view a youth pastor jobs as a way to get experience before they move on to their real goal.
  • It is difficult to be a youth pastor when one has small children. Because of their young age, youth pastors frequently start adding to their family right about the time they are entering their new position. Once kids are there, it is more difficult for the youth pastor’s wife to participate in activities and harder for the pastor to go on trips.
  • Senior pastors don’t always interact with youth pastors in an edifying way. They forget that youth pastors are young and need help and encouragement.

Please allow me a moment to challenge you to something.

Seek to build a ministry that lasts. You don’t have to stay in a youth position until retirement. But staying for five to seven years will help you build something that will last into eternity. Eighteen months is just not enough time to really build anything.

Remember that you are discipling kids – not just entertaining them. Kids don’t do well with constant changes in their leaders. When you add the months that it takes to find a new replacement, kids don’t get adequate discipling before they enter the college years. That puts them at a serious disadvantage spiritually.

So as you look for youth pastor jobs, keep in mind that you should commit yourself to at least five years in the ministry you choose. Choose wisely. Be patient. Follow the advice of older leaders. Do this and you will build a quality ministry.

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